About Us

Ohio in Arabic is a non-profit media and service organization that, through its work, seeks to enable Arabic-speaking residents to obtain information and access basic services in addition to managing and implementing projects that can contribute to improving the standard of living for newcomers to the United States, while continuing to embody their cultural strengths, and eventual integration into American society.

OIA began its work as an independent Arabic speaking local newspaper fully funded by the founders since its inception in 2019, then it transformed due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic into an electronic media platform, with an extension on social media. During interactions and continuous communication with followers, community representatives, and civic organizations that our community needs "more than just the news". From there, Ohio in Arabic Foundation was born in April 2022 to allow for an expanded role in serving the Arabic-speaking community in Ohio. In its short life, OIA Foundation has already implemented small, funded projects a mere few weeks after its establishment. This in addition to continuing to cover important events and publishing what matters to immigrants about life in Ohio and across America.

Ohio in Arabic is a dreamy project, founded by an Arab immigrant family. It believes in freedom of opinion and expression, the principles of pluralism and justice, and the community’s right to access knowledge and information. It is not affiliated with any governmental or private entity in its work, and is not subject to any political, intellectual, or financial restrictions.


Ohio in Arabic Foundation was created with the love of Arabic language, independent journalistic work, and service to community with focus on education, connection, and empowerment.

Our Mission

Empowering members of the Arab community in Ohio and the United States to successfully assimilate into the communities in which they reside.


We believe that impartial, constructive journalism is a means of spreading culture, making a positive impact on societies, and promoting common human values.

Our target population

Immigrants and refugees from Arab speaking and ensuing generations. 


  • Support and protect society's right to access knowledge, information, and basic services.
  • Encourage and facilitate civic engagement and assimilation and interaction of Arabic-speaking communities and immigrants with American society.
  • Providing an interactive platform for Arab expatriates and learners of the Arabic language, to exchange experiences and expertise.
  • Encouraging targeted community initiatives and supporting successful projects

Core Values

  • Precision
  • A commitment to objectivity and impartiality
  • Maintaining independence


OIA is funded by the support of the community, readers, and civic organizations through advertisements, financial contributions, and unconditional grants.

Founder and Editor in Chief

Abdallah Mobaideen; Jordanian journalist living in Columbus, Ohio since the end of 2017. Abdallah holds a master’s degree in journalism and new media.  Before immigrating to the USA, he worked as a news editor, press reporter, writer, and trainer in media and academic institutions for many years.

Board of Directors

Journalist Abdallah Mobaideen

Abdallah is the founder, Editor-in-Chief of Ohio in Arabic and CEO of the Foundation. Abdallah is a Jordanian journalist who immigrated to Ohio in late 2017. He holds a master’s degree in journalism and new media.  Before immigrating to the USA, Abdallah worked as a news editor, press reporter, writer, and trainer in media and academic institutions for many years.

Dr. Ala Shaikh Khalil

Founding member of the Foundation and Deputy Executive Director. Ala is a pediatric gastroenterology who works at Nationwide Children's Hospital and an Associate Professor at The Ohio State University. Ala has worked in Ohio Arabic Foundation on a voluntary basis since its founding.

Attorney Mazen Rasoul

Member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer. He is an expert in immigration issues, commercial transactions, and a specialist in dispute resolution in Central Ohio. In addition to being active in community work, he works for the Foundation on a voluntary basis.

Ghanem Al-Hersh, PhD.

Board Member, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Mass Communication at Stephen F. Austin State University. She specializes in social media analytics and big data, as well as teaching entertainment, storytelling and stereotypes, and volunteering at the Foundation.