About Us

Ohio in Arabic (OIA) is an independent local newspaper published in Arabic in Columbus, the capital of the state of Ohio. OIA started in 2020 as a monthly printed copy, and then, due to challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic; OIA became an electronic newspaper. OIA focuses on news, topics, and materials that are relevant to Arabic immigrants and the Arab community. This encompasses all aspects of life in the state of Ohio and the United States in general.

OIA is an aspirational, independent project, established by an Arab immigrant who believes in the freedom of speech and in principles of pluralism, justice, and in society’s right to knowledge and access to information.

OIA is registered as a limited liability company in the state of Ohio. It is not affiliated with any governmental or private entities, and thus, is not subject to political, intellectual, or financial constraints.


Contribute to constructive communication and bridges of trust and love between people of different cultures based on a solid foundation of mutual respect and understanding.


We believe that Journalism is a channel to spread culture, make a positive impact on societies, and promote common human values.


  • Support and protect society’s right to know and to access information and basic services.
  • Facilitate integration and interaction between Arab and immigrant communities with American society.
  • Provide an interactive platform for Arab expatriates and learners of Arabic language to exchange experiences and ideas.
  • Encourage and support meaningful community initiatives and projects.

Core Values

  • Accuracy
  • Objectivity and impartiality
  • Independence


OIA depends for its funding on support from the community, its readers, and civic institutions. Funding also comes through advertising and unconditional grants.

Founder and Editor in Chief

Abdallah Mobaideen; Jordanian journalist living in Columbus, Ohio since the end of 2017. Abdallah holds a master’s degree in journalism and new media.  Before immigrating to the USA, he worked as a news editor, press reporter, writer, and trainer in media and academic institutions for many years.